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You've heard about the quality of our repair work? Great! Thanks for checking in. Despite the efforts of our hard working team, our workshop is often booked up several weeks in advance, so in order for us to handle your service/repair in an efficient manner, please book your bike in prior to bringing it to the store.

Currently the best way to book is via the form below rather than by phone. Turnaround time is usually around 3 days which gives us time to assess the job, call you with a quote, agree the work, order parts if required, and complete the job. This timescale may be extended for more complex jobs or where parts are in short supply, but we will explain this as required at the time of our initial quotation. If you are under real time pressure to get your bike back, please let us know, we will of course do everything we can to work with you and meet your requirements. This page contains answers to a lot of frequently asked questions regarding the service/repair cost and our process so please read on if you would like more information before making your booking.



Periodic servicing is critical for the long term performance and safety of your bike. We encourage ‘pre emptive’ servicing because it will hugely decrease the likelihood of those unexpected mechanical failures which, let’s face it, always occur on your last ride before that huge challenge you’ve been training for over the last 6 months – and always at peak times when we are too heavily booked to sort it out quickly for you. Servicing helps highlight developing problems and can ensure issues are corrected before they become more expensive to resolve. Post-service, your bike will be operate more precisely, be quieter, more efficient, and safe.

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Our approach to servicing is different from that offered by most other bike shops. We don’t offer different levels of service, i.e. ‘basic’, ‘standard’ or ‘full’ – and we have good reason for this. The performance of many of the components on your bike are interlinked, with wear/damage in one area leading to poor performance in another. Our service is comprehensive, considers the bike as a whole, and produces a fantastic end result for you, every time. Any other approach to servicing is a compromise.

“But my bike doesn’t need a service”, we hear you cry, “it’s only the brakes that need some work”. That’s no problem. Book it in and tell us just to look at the brakes, or whichever area is causing problems, and we will restrict the scope of our assessment and repair work accordingly.


Our service, at a base price of £85 inc VAT, begins with a review of the entire bike, followed by a discussion with you on what we have found, any parts that are required and any specific work that we recommend which may be needed in addition to the service. If you would like to read more about what work we perform within the standard cost of the service, click here:


The first thing we do, before commencing a service, is perform our comprehensive pre service inspection. This process has been developed and refined over the many years we have been trading. The purpose is to ensure we identify any parts that may be required, any work that may need done which is outside the scope of the service, and as a result, arrive at an accurate quotation for the whole job.

There are many benefits to this approach. We can explain what we plan to do to your bike in advance of starting the work. You know what the job is going to cost before we start*. We can prioritise work that is strongly recommended over that which is ‘nice to have’ if you are aiming to have the bike serviced within a specific budget. You don’t get a call as the job progresses as we uncover issue after issue and last but not least, we can plan the job better, ordering all necessary parts (if we don’t have them in stock) so the job is completed more smoothly.

This pre service inspection is included in the cost of the service. It takes time to perform, but ultimately it results in a more efficient, better communicated job, and that makes for a nicer experience for everyone involved. If, after we have discussed the work required, you decide that the bike is in worse condition than you thought and the service/repair doesn’t make economical sense, you can choose not to proceed, no hard feelings. In this instance we charge a £15 stand fee to cover our time performing the pre service inspection. You will receive our report on work required even if you do not go ahead.

Within the service at £85 including VAT we:

  • Perform the pre service inspection and report our findings to you
  • True the wheels/assess spoke tensions
  • Adjust the wheel hubs to eliminate play/reduce bearing load for smoother rotation
  • Inspect tyre condition/inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • Adjust headset bearing to eliminate play/reduce bearing load for smoother operation
  • Measure chain wear and inspect drivetrain for wear/damage
  • Clean and carefully lubricate drivetrain (cleaning an excessively dirty drivetrain carries an additional charge – save yourself some cash and give it a wash before bringing it in if it looks like there are plants growing on it)
  • Inspect brake cable condition, adjust brake cable tension, align brake pads/callipers
  • Inspect gear cable condition, check/adjust derailleur hanger alignment and front and rear derailleur
  • Perform set up of gears – a thorough, complete and methodical process is followed
  • Check for play/wear in suspension linkages (full suspension bikes only)
  • Increase/decrease as appropriate the bottom bracket bearing preload (where possible)
  • Ensure all components are secured to manufacturer’s recommended torque
  • Polish frame
  • Test ride to ensure everything operates beautifully.

Any work that may be required which is not covered in the cost of the service e.g. bottom bracket replacement or headset replacement will of course be included in our initial quote.

*Most of the time our final invoice will match the initial quote to the penny. Often it will be less as we may have quoted for items which might be needed to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises, then in the service we may decide it is not necessary, so you save some money. But, even with our extensive experience, bikes can sometimes throw tricky curveballs at us and it is sometimes the case that we find something needing done which we didn’t anticipate. If this happens we will call you and let you know what it means for the cost of the job, then we will work with you to ensure you are happy with the outcome. We work hard to ensure this rarely happens.

This ensures that before the job has begun, you understand what we will be doing and how much it will cost. We are here to work with you. We will help you prioritise work on your bike, advising which areas are fundamental to safety/performance, and which areas would be beneficial to performance, but not necessarily essential. We tend to build long term relationships with our customers. We earn trust, the quality of our work is well known, and people like our open and transparent approach.


The labour charge for our service is £85. This includes VAT. If you take some time to understand the work we put into a service, the level of expertise involved, and the time it takes, and compare the cost to some of your other common financial outgoings in life, e.g. a tank of petrol, and we hope you will agree that this represents excellent value.

Remember that we review your bike and produce a quote which we discuss with you before proceeding, so you are in control of the job. The service charge does not cover every conceivable repair that we might need to perform on the bike, but, again, you are advised of this up front so you will always know what we are doing.
We are experienced, qualified technicians. We do care about the end result of our work, and we fully expect every customer to be delighted. If you are interested, read more about how we set ourselves aside from your average bike shop by clicking here:


We work closely and have a long standing relationship with Shimano. We work with and have trained on Campagnolo mechanical and EPS and all SRAM systems. We have direct access to support the technical/warranty centres for these brands as required.

We have a dedicated workshop team, so your bike will only be worked on by a full time professional mechanic. Our mechanics are all either Cytech or Velotech qualified, the benchmark technical qualifications for the bike industry (this is not a legal requirement – shops can choose to operate without investing in this qualification and many do).

We have a culture of continuous professional development. Our mechanics undertake to remain up to date with industry developments, attending training sessions as required.

We demonstrate pride in the job, every time. We are very proud of the excellent reputation we have developed and we work hard to ensure you are delighted with your experience when you use Stirling Cycles.


It’s not always about servicing. We will be pleased to focus on a particular issue at your request. Tell us what issue you are experiencing with the bike, and it will be assessed, diagnosed and quoted before work commences.

Suspension servicing
We outsource suspension servicing to the relevant manufacturer’s service centre as appropriate. Prices for the service vary but it’s typically around £100 per unit. Postage is around £22 (out and back inclusive) and we charge £30 for handling the job, including removal and refit of the fork or shock and packaging etc.

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