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If you only take one thing away from this page, please let it be that we can only accept pre booked bikes. Demand is huge, space is limited, and turning customer's away makes everyone sad. We value your custom, and we want to work with you, but even in our large workshop, space eventually runs out.

Why should you have your bike serviced?

Periodic servicing is critical for the long term performance and safety of your bike. We encourage 'pre emptive' servicing because it will hugely decrease the likelihood of those unexpected mechanical failures which, let's face it, always occur on your last ride before that huge challenge you've been training for, for the last 6 months, and always at peak times when we are too heavily booked to sort it out quickly for you.

Servicing helps highlight developing problems and can ensure issues are corrected before they become more expensive to resolve. Post service, your bike will be operate more precisely, be quieter, more efficient, and safe. A huge enhancement to your cycling experience. Don't wait until something stops working before booking a service.

What different levels of service do we offer?

Our approach to servicing is different from that offered by most other bike shops. We don't offer different levels of service, i.e. 'basic', 'standard', 'full'. We have good reason for this. The performance of many of the components on your bike are interlinked, with wear/damage in one area leading to poor performance in another. Our service is comprehensive, considers the bike as a whole, and produces a fantastic end result for you, every time. Any other approach to servicing is a compromise.

“But my bike doesn't need a service”, we hear you cry, “it's only the brakes that need some work”. That's no problem, book it in and tell us just to look at the brakes, or whichever area is causing problems, and we will restrict the scope of our assessment and repair work accordingly.

What is the process?

Our service begins with a review of the entire bike, followed by a discussion with you on what we have found, any parts that are required and any specific work that we recommend which may required in addition to the service. If you would like to read more about what work we perform within the standard cost of the service, click here.

This ensures that before the job has begun, you understand what we will be doing and how much it will cost. We are here to work with you. We will help you prioritise work on your bike, advising which areas are fundamental to safety/performance, and which areas would be beneficial to performance, but not necessarily essential. We tend to build long term relationships with our customers. We earn trust, the quality of our work is well known, and people like our open and transparent approach.

What will it cost?

The labour charge for our service is £75. This includes VAT, so from that we receive £60. Take some time to understand the work we put into a service, the level of expertise involved, and the time it takes, and compare the cost to some of your other common financial outgoings in life, e.g. a tank of petrol, and we hope you will agree that this represents excellent value.

Remember that we review your bike and produce a quote which we discuss with you before proceeding, so you are in control of the job. The service charge does not cover every conceivable repair that we might need to perform on the bike, but, again, you are advised of this up front so you will always know what we are doing.

We are experienced, qualified technicians. We do care about the end result of our work, and we fully expect every customer to be delighted. If you are interested, read more about how we set ourselves aside from your average bike shop by clicking here.

Specific repairs - non service work

It's not always about servicing. We will be pleased to focus on a particular issue at your request. Tell us what issue you are experiencing with the bike, and it will be assessed, diagnosed and quoted before work commences.

Suspension servicing

We outsource suspension servicing to the relevant manufacturer's service centre, or independent suspension specialists TF Tuned as appropriate. Prices for the service vary but it's typically between £85 - £100. Postage is around £22 (out and back inclusive) and we charge £30 for handling the job, including removal and refit of the fork or shock and packaging etc.