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Extensive free car parking at the rear of the shop



Continuing from last week’s Workshop Wednesday post regarding BB30 and PF30, this week we’ll take a look at how to remove and replace the bearings in your Campagnolo Power Torque crankset.

You’ll need:
Soft faced hammer
Crank puller
Crank plug
14mm allen key
10mm spanner
Flat blade screwdriver
Crown race setter (not shown)
Cardboard pads (not shown)

1) The first step is to remove the left hand crank. Using the 14mm allen key, remove the crank bolt and washer by turning it anti-clockwise.

2) With the bolt and washer fully removed, insert the crank plug into the end of the crank/axle. Place the cardboard pad behind the crank and position the crank puller in place over the left hand crank. The puller hooks should sit behind the crank arm and pull against the cardboard pad, while the centre rod presses against the crank plug.
3) Using a 10mm spanner, pull the left hand crank off by turning it clock-wise. Hold the left hand crank arm to stop the crankset rotating. With the crank arm removed, take off the rubber seal and compession spring from behind the crank. Place the compression spring somewhere safe.
4) Before you remove the drive side crank, you’ll first have to remove the small retaining clip located on the drive side BB cup. Unclip it using the flat head screwdriver. With the clip removed, tap the axle while holding the frame by the seat tube to remove the crankset.
5) Remove the non-drive side bearing from the BB cup by tapping it out from the driveside using a flat blade screwdriver and hammer. To remove the bearing from the crank axle, first remove the circlip located just above the bearing, then tap the bearing down the axle using a flat blade screwdriver and hammer. Remove the thinner rubber seal located behind this bearing.

6) With both bearings removed, install the smaller of the two rubber seals onto the crank axle. Next apply grease/anti-seize to the axle and using a crown setter knock the replacement bearing down the axle. Follow this with the circlip. Apply grease/anti-seize to the inside of both BB cups and loosely press the non-drive side bearing into place by hand before fully seating the bearing by tapping gently with the soft face of the hammer.

7) Slide the crankset back through the bike and install the compression spring then the thicker rubber seal onto the crank axle. Grease the axle splines. Align the left hand crank with the splines on the crank axle and secure using the crank bolt and washer with a 14mm allen key. Tighten to 42Nm if using a torque wrench. Lastly, hook the retaining clip around the drive side BB cup.


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